Pooram Kuries in Thrissur, Kerala

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About Us

Our Certifications - Pancard
Who we are
Pooram Kuries – The trend setter of Chit Industry in Kerala.

From the day of inception in 04-04-1995 Pooram kuries has come a long way by providing innovative financial solutions to its customers. It has been a long and remarkable journey marked by cherish able accomplishments resulting in “Pooram” being a sound representing not just the world famous Pooram festival of Thrissur, Kerala but also a reliable, dependable, trustworthy brand in the Chit industry of Kerala.

“Pooram”, the world famous festival of people in Thrissur, which has been celebrated with much enthusiasm, has not just been a festival of Thrissur but a festival representing the spirit of Kerala and Keralites to the rest of the world. The colours, the energy, the enthusiasm of the people of Thrissur manifold every year with the celebrations of “Pooram”,. “Pooram of Thrissur” has always been marked by the vibrant and cheerful disposal of its spirit. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the memories of the “Poorams of the yester years” and the expectations of the “Pooram’s to come” are the driving force for the people of Thrissur to live, whichever part of the world they are.

Thrissur is not just a land of festivals and shopping but also marked by the concentration of chit companies. Though numerous chit companies operate from Thrissur, most of them has a traditional outlook which was not serving the financial needs of the people. There was a need for a Chit Company which understands the changing financial needs of the mass and come up with products and solutions which match the ever changing financial needs of the people.

Understanding this gap and having inspired by the spirit of “Thrissur Pooram” some visionary businessmen of Thrissur came together with a vision to provide affordable financial solutions to the people of Thrissur, leveraging on the possibilities of Chit Industry.

Pooram Kuries stood out right from the first year in terms of the products and solutions provided using the possibilities of chit (kuri) concept. By its untiring commitment to its clients in freeing them from costly financial products and services of money lenders and banks, “Pooram Kuries” has become a household name in Thrissur.

Having inspired by the response of people in Thrissur, Pooram Kuries has set out with a vision to provide its financial services to the people of other part of Kerala. The brand and its services are accepted everywhere wholeheartedly and with much enthusiasm just like “Thrissur Pooram”. Pooram Kuries have now been a leader in Chit (Kuri) industry in Kerala. The Kuries of Pooram has been much sort after and are always over subscribed. The trust and value customer place on Pooram Kuries has been the sole factor of motivation for the promoters and staff of Pooram Kuries to excel in every step they take and to take Pooram to the heights of glory through customer support, innovation, simplicity and creativity.

What else would be more motivating than meeting more than 50000 customers> plus satisfied customers with a smile on their face at Pooram Kuries?

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